Based out of Coffs Harbour, Film Outreach Australia is the sister organisation to Screenwave, whose curated film programs we license and distribute around Regional Australia. Screenwave produces one of the largest feature film festivals in Regional Australia (SWIFF) and the largest youth film development program in Regional NSW (Nextwave), along with a number of regular exhibition and boutique film festival programs.

You receive everything you need to host your own successful screenings: marketing materials, screening formats, film licensing, pre-show video content, event suggestions, tips and best practices.

Each venue running Film Outreach Australia’s programs is responsible for managing their own events, including ticketing, operations, advertising, technical production (ie projection), and reporting attendance numbers back to Film Outreach Australia.

Screenwave has developed a thriving film scene in Coffs Harbour, and Film Outreach Australia will share with you the programming, marketing tools, and best practices to replicate this success at your venue – no experience required.

Yes! If your venue can screen Blu-ray/DVD you can screen films from Film Outreach Australia.

If you would like to run multiple screenings of the same films or programs, please consult with your Film Outreach Australia Account Manager.

Absolutely. If you don’t have a ticketing platform and would like to discuss options, feel free to contact us.

Attendance reports are pulled from your ticketing platform and emailed to us at BoxOffice@filmoutreach.com.au within 48 hours from your screening date. Box office figures and attendance numbers are required for reporting both ticketed and non-ticketed screenings.

By law, for each film screening session outside of a private residence you are required to receive permission from the copyright owner by acquiring a Public Exhibition License. These licences pay filmmakers and distributors and strengthen our Australian film industry. Significant financial penalties, industry-wide venue blacklisting, and even jail time are some of the penalties for screening copyrighted film content in Australia without gaining authorisation prior to the screening. Please note that Film Outreach Australia acquires all necessary licensing on your behalf.

Yes. All Film Outreach Australia packages come with best practices which include advice on technical operations.

You will need a digital projector, projection screen, audio mixer and speakers, and a media player (like a DVD player or Blu-ray player) that also plays video files from USB or a laptop.

Film Outreach Australia would be happy to work with you to recommend industry professionals who can help with this service.

Yes! Contact your Film Outreach Australia Account Manager to discuss the options.

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