Cinema programs

Develop your own film community with a curated weekly or fortnightly program of world cinema designed for mature audiences.

Build a Film Scene for Your Venue


It’s about saving time

  • Our curator selects the films for you
  • All marketing templates are created for you
  • Suits your schedule as weekly or fortnightly films
  • No film experience necessary

It’s about saving money

  • Increase your cashflow with a new regular revenue stream
  • Sell more tickets by promoting your season on the screen
  • Increase your food & beverage sales
  • Save money through our licensing rate card

It’s about connecting people

  • Regularly connect new patrons to your venue
  • Build your patron contact database for future marketing
  • Add high-quality, affordable entertainment to your venue
  • Diversify your season programming with film screenings
Kate from Screenwave International Film Festival

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