Youth Week

Bring Nextwave’s Youth Week Film Festival to your community, screening a 90-minute program of new short films made by the next wave of young Australian filmmakers.

how to book your youth week film festival

What is nextwave?

Nextwave is regional Australia’s largest youth film development program. 

It includes a workshop tour, a national short film competition for young Australians (aged 10-25), and the Nextwave Youth Week Film Festival.

Run as part of the Coffs Coast’s Screenwave International Film Festival, each year Nextwave teaches thousands of young Australians about filmmaking and mental health. 

The brightest and most creative films entered into competition each year are selected as finalists, and distributed throughout Australia for communities to screen for Youth Week through this screening kit – and made available to screen in your community!

what is included in the screening kit?

  •  Public Exhibition License
  • All the marketing tools to promote your event (posters, images, trailers, socials, press)
  • Immersive cinema experience including preshow presentations
  • Screening Format (DVD or Bluray)
  • Event run sheet you can customise
  • Event ideas to make your screening an engaging experience for your audience 

Were there submissions into the Nextwave short film competition from your LGA? Film Outreach will include up to 5  locally produced films alongside the finalists in your screening kit at no extra cost. Give the young filmmakers in your community the chance to see their films on the big screen!

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Q: Can I screen the film more than once?

A: Yes! Additional screening fees may apply. Get in touch with us for more details. 

Q: Do I need a license to screen a film? 

A: Yes! In Australia, you need a Public Exhibition License to screen a film anywhere outside of a private property. We take care of this for you in your booking. 

Q: What types of venues can we screen in?

A: Aside from regular cinemas, you can screen films in performing arts theatres, community halls, Clubs, school auditoriums, and even resorts and hotels. 

Q: What do I need to do after I have booked?

A: Simple. Book a venue. Use our marketing tool kit. Attract an audience. Host the event!

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